What Are We Doing About Virtual Reality Systems?

The trainings based on theoretical and written information are not seriously taken into account by the employees as they do not provide the necessary awareness to be given in the training. Employees not evaluating in theoretical training the possible risks, processes and how to act in such situations could make many mistakes.

Moreover, many employers with hundreds or even thousands of employees are not able to provide practical training to each worker individually. Such trainings are kept short, simplified and underestimated due to the fact that they require considerable time and high costs for the employer. This means an unsafe working environment for employees which could result in very dangerous consequences.

VR Trainings and VR Occupational Safety Applications realized with Virtual Reality offer these trainings and studies with the highest potential effect at very low costs.


Virtual Reality Training Systems

In the industry, it is quite difficult to set up training scenarios for some production and maintenance processes due to the high risks and costs. Virtual Reality Training Systems could greatly improve predictability in such cases.

VR Training Systems are designed to be as realistic as possible with training modules and scenarios designed to suit the working areas of the employees. In this way, when the employee wears the VR Glasses, he / she remains alone with a process pre-designed for him / her.

VR Training Systems are becoming more common day by day due to their low cost and high quality and efficiency.


Virtual Reality Occupational Safety Systems

Virtual Reality Occupational Safety Systems enable employees to closely experience, feel the processes, dangers and risks in the environment in which they will work and, accordingly, acquire the related knowledge in a more permanent way. Particularly, in the workshops and production lines of the factories, it is observed that the workers working at the machines become automated after a period of time due to their routine and repetitive working processes and tasks and therefore they can overlook dangers or risks./p>

Workers undergoing VR Occupational Safety Trainings take all necessary measures to keep themselves as safe as possible, since they have already experienced to prevent all the hazards that may occur.


360 Degree Virtual Reality Factory Tour and Promotion

With our VR Factory Tour Applications, you can introduce your customers visiting your factory the production facilities as if they were there without any risk and threat in the yard.

In Fair and Promotion Organisations you can present your production line and operation process to your potential customers by experiencing it, even by keeping them actively involved in live process. The user can experience the environment in 360 degrees as if he were in the facility, monitor the operation of the process and even listen in his native language with the support of multiple languages.


Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) & Visitor Introductory Films

Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, In the tour and introduction to factory process for visitors and subcontractor personnel, which is now made obligatory for each company, we provide you our Video Production service to reflect your corporate identity in the most successful way.

Your movie enriched with 3D Animations and visual effects realized by our experienced team is designed to the finest detail in order to provide the most effective information for your visitors.